Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Bad news on Apollo

Ironically, just a few moments after I finished up the last post saying there wasn't any news on Apollo I got a call from the Hyatt on Capitol Square (just across the block from the Rhodes Tower). They found a bird that had drowned in their fountain and because it had leg bands they thought it might be a falcon. I confirmed the band codes over the phone and unfortunately, it did turn out to be Apollo.
I noted an abrasion on his left wing and suspect that he likely hit one of the windows of the Hyatt and fluttered down to the ground-which is what typically happens to an inexperienced fledgling. Unfortunately for him he must have landed in the fountain, was unable to get out and subsequently drowned. As I've explained in past posts we always expect a certain amount of trauma and even fatalities from window/building strikes but I think this is the first drowning fatality in Columbus that I am aware of.
You can see in the photo that the fountain overall isn't very big - quite the freak accident for the bird to land right there. Let's hope his female nestmates have better luck. At least they seem to be taking their time to fledge. Perhaps the additional "ledge-time" will help them be in better shape for when they do go.