Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Live Streaming to be shut down

Unfortunately, the State of Ohio will not have an approved budget as of July 1, therefore, the Ohio Division of Wildlife will be suspending the live streaming of the Columbus FalconCam until further notice. Please check out the notation on the live streaming pages of our website (to be posted soon) for more information. We are extremely sorry for this abrupt action and hope that an approved budget will be in place soon so that we can resume the service.

Columbus' big fireworks event, Red, White & Boom is Friday, July 3rd. Every year I get asked what do the falcons do during the show--will it scare them, etc. By the time the fireworks are going off the falcons will be at their chosen roost for the night and the fireworks will be much the same to them as a big thunderstorm-just a lot of lightning and thunder. All of the people downtown for the event won't bother the birds - they see people and cars in the streets everyday.