Thursday, June 05, 2014

Count Remains Fledgling-1, Nestlings-2

Nothing much new to report today (so far).  At least as of this writing, Dart and Blaze continue to seem content to remain nestlings (vs. officially becoming fledglings when they finally fly).
I'm hearing that Hoshi is attracting a lot of attention at her current location on the 4th floor of the Rhodes Tower.  It's great that folks are keeping tabs on her (feel free to email reports) but I would also like to caution folks from getting too close.  As I mentioned yesterday, both adults are keeping an eye on her but we need to be careful to not get too close and/or do anything out of the ordinary that might distract them away from their primary job of concentrating on their 3 chicks.  Even though Hoshi is 4 floors up, activity on the ground or on adjacent buildings has the potential to affect the adults (and Hoshi, too).

Granted there are many, many people coming and going through the alleys and sidewalks downtown every day.   And, the falcons are used to this.  But when a person/persons shows up on a nearby roof where people usually are not and/or is not just simply passing by below and instead stops and watches with binocs and/or camera, the falcons (especially the adults) know the difference and can get suspicious.  This kind of disturbance has the potential to distract Durand and Spark from just keeping watch on Hoshi or dropping food and instead preoccupy them with watching the people who are watching them.  So, for those venturing downtown to catch a glimpse, please be aware of how your actions or location might be affecting the falcons.  If the birds seem to be reacting to your presence, back off a little or try a different location. 

I witnessed this first hand yesterday.  During the time I was downtown checking on Hoshi, I saw Durand's behavior being suspicious towards me.  I was even inside the building like any other worker but the difference was I stopped in one spot looking at them vs. just walking down the hallway past the window.  I was focused on them and she was well aware of that - she kept her eye on me as well as Hoshi. 

We certainly appreciate all the extra eyes and everyone who is interested but we also don't want to cause a disturbance to either the birds or the businesses downtown.  Thanks for your cooperation!