Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Live Streaming Video Announcement

Everything seems to be going quite well this season with the fledglings.  This is the first year in recent memory that we didn't have to go on at least one rescue.  No news is good news and we assume all the fledglings are well on their way to perfecting their skills of flying, steering, landing, and hunting on their own.

The juvenile falcons will remain in and around the downtown area over the next several weeks but by the end of summer they will migrate out of the area to hopefully survive and establish a breeding territory of their own elsewhere.  Rarely do they return to the area where they fledged from.  Falcons hatched in Columbus over the years have been seen and/or successfully nested in Michigan, Indiana, West Virginia, New York, elsewhere in Ohio, Texas, and Canada.

Although there have been no sightings of the juveniles at the nest ledge this year, the adults have been checking in fairly frequently:
Their visits back to the ledge and the nest box are reinforcement of their bond to the site.  We can even expect them to work on the scrape in the gravel. Though the nest is now empty, the adults will continue to interact with the young elsewhere in the downtown area.

Cam Update:  For the past several years our live streaming video has been provided by The Ohio Channel.  Unfortunately, that partnership will be ending in July.  We greatly appreciate The Ohio Channel graciously hosting the video window to the Columbus peregrine falcon nest for so long.  As they say, when one door closes, another opens so we plan to use this opportunity to explore new camera options for future nesting seasons.

More updates on the fledglings and cameras as information becomes available!