Friday, June 06, 2014

Hoshi Update (again!)

Hoshi (31/2) attempted flight sometime yesterday and was recovered from the ground last evening.  This morning she checked out ok so the decision was made to put her back up on the Rhodes Tower.  We decided to not take the chance of putting her out on the nest ledge because that disturbance could potentially startle the remaining nestlings off of the ledge and we didn't want to cause a premature fledge.  Luckily, there is access to the farthest ledge to the west and we chose to put her there:
The adults were nearby and quickly caught on that something was up from the minute I first peeked out the access door to see if the location would be suitable for release.  Since that ledge is so close to the nest ledge, they were very interested in our actions, even though they could barely see us through the vents in the building.  (Interestingly, by the time I got back to my office I had several emails from folks downtown who had noticed the adult falcons were in a frenzy!)  Here are a couple of photos:

During the entire ordeal, Hoshi was quite calm and once outside on the ledge she started begging from the adults right away.  Durand and Spark made several fly-by's and landings on the ledge but since they were more concerned with us than Hoshi we retreated so they would calm down.  Here's an amazing photo that our intern, Angie, was able to take through the building louvers with her phone:
Hopefully, since Hoshi is now in surroundings very similar to her nest ledge she will stay put for a few days and gain more strength before attempting flight.