Thursday, June 07, 2007

No second clutch

Well, it has been several weeks since the first nest attempt failed and although Scout and Orville continue to check in at the nest box almost daily, things are not looking good for a second clutch of eggs this season. Nonetheless, we all have enjoyed watching events unfold this year and even a failed attempt teaches us more about the species. As we get further into summer, we can expect to see less of the adults via the cams, however, they likely will stay in the downtown area at least until fall. Whether either or both birds will migrate out of the area for winter is not known.

Victory and Velocity are undergoing their molt in the care of falconers. Little to no conditioning will be done at this time so as to not damage new feathers growing in. Once the molt is complete later this summer they will be exercised and evaluated for release. For now this situation will follow the adage: "no news is good news."

If anything notable happens with Victory, Velocity or Orville and Scout, I will be sure to post but in general, blog updates will be limited over the summer months.