Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Well, it has been an eventful 2009 and we are looking forward to a productive 2010. However, we'll need to get a new male in the territory to complete the productive part...(!) No sign of a new bird yet, but there is plenty of time before nesting season for that to happen and we will continue to be optimistic.

With the end of the year approaching, I thought it a good time to review some statistics for the blog. In 2009, over 42,000 unique visitors logged over 186,000 visits!!! Most of the traffic was during the nesting season (April-June), however, even in the "off-season" there is still a fair amount of traffic. Here are the extremes:
the high was April 30 with 2,923 visits
the low was January 4 with 28 visits
yesterday, December 21 there was 218 visits

In all, visits came from 70 countries around the world! Within the United States, Ohio was #1 with 123,000+ visits from 413 cities! 48% of the Ohio traffic came from the Columbus area.

I've reported these types of numbers before but it really never ceases to amaze me the following our Columbus peregrines have. Thank you to all of the fans out there for making our program so successful!

Happy Holidays!