Wednesday, November 07, 2007

On Wednesday, 10/31/07, I visited the Rhodes State Office Tower to make a quick check of the camera and ledge equipment prior to the winter season. Both Orville and Scout made an appearance to defend their territory. While my last update indicated that the live streaming would be discontinued, due to a delay in the final decision on the subject, the live streaming is actually still operational--for now, anyway. However, in the near future talks are scheduled with our outside sponsor on whether to keep it going through winter or not. Regardless of the outcome of the decision, the still video captures will continue so we all will be able to keep tabs on the birds. Which--by the way--have been fairly active at the nest throughout September and October.

VICTORY, is still finishing up her molt, so her pre-release conditioning is still on hold. We are optimistic that she will regain complete flight and be able to be released prior to the next nesting season. VELOCITY is being trained by a falconer to hunt, however a setback occured recently when she was attacked by a wild red-tailed hawk while in the field with her trainer. She has several puncture wounds from the red-tail's talons that are being treated. Hopefully, she will heal quickly and be back in training real soon.

Peregrines do not collect or bring any materials to make their nest-they simply form a depression (called a "scrape") in whatever substrate is available in which to lay their eggs. So, it was interesting to see this "twig" in the nest box. Did the falcons bring it? Did pigeons bring it? As it turns out, the "twig" is actually a weed that had sprouted on the far end of the ledge. When I was up there last week I pulled it, but left it on the ledge near the nest box. Either the wind or one of the falcons moved it inside the nest box where they were observed several times picking it up and moving it about. Funny that they would take the time to occupy themselves this way!