Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Cleaning Day

Observant viewers will notice that today the nestbox gravel was replaced and inside the box painted. This is part of annual maintenance to help keep the nest area clean and limit parasites.  While we were on-site, both Durand and Spark were keeping watch.  A few times Durand actually perched on the ledge near where we were working.  Both birds were curious and protective but only to the point of coming close enough to make sure we knew they were there.  Their lazy flights past did not fool us though-we know full well how intimidating these birds could be if they wanted to.  Fortunately, this being the off-season the falcons didn't have incentive to try too hard to haze us.

Update on Flash:  the fledgling from this year's nest that has been in rehab is likely not going to be releasable.   Pending further determination from a veterinarian this falcon will be placed as a permanent captive as part of an educational program.  Just like Blaze last season, this is certainly not the preferred alternative, but nonetheless, the falcon will still serve an important purpose as an ambassador to the species.

There was no indication of any other peregrines downtown today, so the other young from the nest have likely moved on.  As 2015 winds down we can expect Durand and Spark to stay in the area as they have in previous winters.  Further updates this year if/when something notable occurs!