Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What's with the pink picture?!

Hard to tell exactly what is causing the pink picture, but I believe it may be a malfunction of the camera possibly due to extreme cold. Temperatures over the holiday weekend were frigid and on Tuesday morning, the picture was pink. This same scenario played out in early December with extremely cold conditions then. The pink has only occurred with the nestbox camera image--the ledgecam so far is unaffected. Luckily, simply unplugging the camera seems to put the settings back to normal. We'll continue to monitor the situation!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Happy New Year!

The New Year arrived in Columbus but for the peregrines it was just another day. Both Orville and Scout remain in the territory and are observed via the webcams sometimes several times a day, other times it may be a few days between sightings. I thought this photo of falcon tracks in the snow was unique - evidence that they've been around even if we haven't seen them!

Many peregrines migrate in the winter, however, for the Rhodes Tower pair it seems they are staying put. At least so far the winter hasn't been harsh enough to make them want to stray. An added benefit of staying on territory is being around to protect their turf from other peregrines! As the days grow longer we should expect to see more of the birds. Even though eggs wouldn't be expected until March, courtship activities should begin later in January or February. The live streaming video with audio will give us a great perspective of what goes on. More later on specific behaviors and vocalizations to watch (and listen) for...