Thursday, September 13, 2007

No summer break for the falcons

Scout and Orville have stayed pretty active over summer, with either 1 or both birds putting in an appearance almost daily--and in many cases a few times a day! They have not only visited the nest ledge but have continued to go inside the nest box, to scrape and otherwise check things out. Scout is often seen at her favorite perch on top of the nest box camera housing. The fact that they continue to be present at the nest shows that they are still bonded with the site (claiming it as their territory) and each other. It is unknown if they will stay in Columbus throughout winter. Chances are good that they will, since the city provides a reliable source of food and warmth.

Update on Victory - not much to report other than she continues to be in the care of a falconer, finishing out her molt. It won't be until all of her new feathers are completely in that she will be able to be assessed and conditioned. We will know more later this fall.

The live streaming option of the cams has been extremely popular but will be discontinued for the rest of the year. We hope to have the live streaming available again in late winter, prior to egg-laying. The still camera images will continue to be available all fall and winter. Enjoy!