Friday, September 02, 2016

Dog Days of Summer

It has been a pretty quiet summer with occasional sightings of falcons at the nest ledge.  Just in recent days, Durand and Spark have been checking in to reinforce their bond to the site and to each other by scraping in the gravel and vocalizing inside of the nest box.
Spark working on the nest scrape
The last observation of one of the juveniles at the ledge was late July.  They are now independent of the adults, fully capable of hunting on their own and likely have departed the Columbus area for locations unknown.  It is the hope they will survive and eventually establish a territory of their own. 

Now that we are into late summer we'll be making arrangements to maintain the nest box (new gravel and paint) before winter sets in.  We may also look into new cameras but are most hopeful for a new computer to run the streaming software.  More news at that time unless something notable happens in the meantime!