Friday, February 17, 2012

Nesting Season Approaching

Efforts to restore the camera views on our website continue. Currently, an auto-refreshing still image of the nestbox camera is the only option. It is our intention to have views of both the ledge and the nestbox as well as the live streaming of both cameras available for this nesting season, as we have in past years. However, several obstacles exist before we get to that point though, so stay tuned and thanks to all the fans for your continued patience.

Even with just the one camera view available we have been able to document a new male. This falcon has adult plumage and appears to be unbanded. Unfortunately, no leg bands means no way to identify this peregrine and so no idea where he originated from, or exactly how old he is. We'll have to wait and see if he stays and maintains the territory. Fans may recall last summer and fall we saw Matrix, a young male from the 2010 Canton, Ohio nest, take over the territory. It is unknown if Matrix left on his own, is gone temporarily on migration and may return or was ousted by this male. It is not at all unusual to have unsolved mysteries regarding the whereabouts of these birds.

Generally peregrine eggs are laid in Ohio as early as the second week of March. Last year Durand laid her first egg on April 3. We could expect her to lay about that same time or even a tad earlier this year as she is now another year more mature.

Updates will be posted more often as nesting season begins!